Contents Seem
When my contents seem empty
Donít simply
Toss my existence away
If you replenish my inner state
Iíll rejuvenate
Continuing many a day
Outside The Boxx (What's Inside)
This is the initial version of what later evolved into
the spoken word poems "
Stop Callin' Me"
A mixed heritage   although surprised  was a blessing  in disguise

Iíve come a long way    since the questions of my youth
Looking back at the fear and insecurities   I realize I require no proof
For whatever shade I appear    Iíll still resemble the goof

Whatís my ďgimmickĒ  what should the public see
Isnít it enough for them to see just me
If Iím not all that, and my image is in the worst case
Then just what the f**k did they see in me in the first place

Was I shot by Polaroid in the dead of the night
The color having faded  yet no gray in sight
Am I  4 by 6 
or 8 by 10
am I not now  as I was then ?
Am I VHS  or digital videoís height 
Can I make the big screen  
1940 - 35 mm delight
Am I really that simple 
could I be  black and white
If I used Technicolor 
In 2003      on DVD 
Would I then have the capability  to project  the color of me

I listened wisely to the poetess prophets of my day
You can sing if youíre the caged bird 
and they may never change your way
But you cannot stop what some people think  
nor the ship in which they sink
Opinions are like assholes
if you start sniffing around  you gonna find some that stink

The hill that must be overcome 
had to first be experienced  before one could teach
Those of us who  LISTEN  
can discern the meaning of what will eventually reach

They finish you and I by ranking  they conclude us
within their own hierarchy
The big money    the shopping spree
the heavy weight of paying the fee
The beginning of control over what  WE touch smell  taste  hear   see
  The end of you         the end of me  the end of us    
The - End - Us Ė Tree

Iím not concerned with what they think  or how they label
Go on ahead itís not ME  making them tell my fable
Iím aware  personally of where MY heart is at
But do I really think otherís listening can discern that
When they hear what Iím saying 
what does that tell them about what they hear and see
It may say even less  of what they think  YOU  THINK    about    ME
And if you realize that fallacy 
then I will know you are truly  LISTENING to me
And I will no longer worry about what image I fall in
Or whatever title it is that someone chooses to call it

In order to climb outside of the box    we must stretch far and wide
And realize the answer already lies within  we need not search for whatís inside

Copyright 2002 (Elizabeth Anne) FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC (BMI)