When I Grow Up
Mommy, I’m concerned as I grow older,
This head on my shoulder’s
The only thing that gets boulder
Along with my weight, except in the places I want it
The idea, I taunt it
Not quite sure how to flaunt it
Forget surgery, you can tell when they’re fake
Make no mistake
The point up is straight
And yet I aspire as my shoelace beckons
When I bend down to tie it
I go blind for twenty seconds

“Oh, don’t worry, honey, men like big asses”
Yeah, well that passes
When they reach higher classes
In order to impress the masses, I must be on display
Without this belly
That always gets my the way
I can see the road I’m headed, this obsession with my frame
Competing with fame
Is the cost of the game
There’s plenty of girls out there
Know what I’m trying to say
When I grow up, I wanna be a
Oh, oh I, I…
I wanna be a babe

Most girls are made of sugar and spice,
Everything nice
Made ya look twice
Hips that’ll rock the curves of your mind
Swerves so divine
Nervous? So fine!
Lips that’ll make you so wanna kiss her
Swear that you’ll miss her
Never dare dis her
Hey….Know what I got?


Just enough to notice, but not enough to shave
No body part’s safe My hair never behaves
At least I can say I’ve got electric thighs
Kinetic, like thunder Be careful goin’ under
I’m not afraid… I’ve been put to the test
Oh, there’s more than I jest Well, except for my…. chest
Those two little mosquito bites mistaken for nipples
No, my breasts are not dimples!
Could I get some band-aids for these pimples?

Oh, and by the way, please tell me where is my hourglass figure?
These places I jiggle
Just don’t quite pull the trigger
In the heat of the moment
I’m ashamed to portray
This view I display
(To some jerk’s dismay)
So tell me, what crazy freak is gonna want me?
I don’t even get described
As a nice personality
For objective I fill in
On my resume
When I grow up I wanna be a babe
Oh, oh I, I…
I wanna be a babe

(original omitted rap part 1)

My buddy Eric at work would obsess all day
trying to get some play when our girl Janet came his way?
Everyday, guys were wishing they were with her
Only chicks that were hotter were her two sisters
and they were seeing the same guy - My! - What a shame!
Drives me insane/ that I can’t have the same
power over a man just by callin’ his name out
no matter how loud I shout, still can’t figure it out
She would tell me how I’d be just fine “Just give it some time
with the right frame of mind, all sorts of ‘Mr. Right’s’ would be turning their heads
if you will just hold up yours and stop playing dead
Besides, it’s what’s inside that keeps your man from the breakup”
Sure, Janet, that’s why you dye your hair and wear so much makeup
Hell, you’re the epitome of the trophy wife”
Her reply? / “I’m just looking for the finer things in life
Be independent or gold diggin’ - either way, you earn your due
see, ya gotta figure out what it is you wanna do”

“Ah, hell, Janet, I just wanna look - like - you”


People are asked all the time, just exactly what it was
That they wanted to become when they were growing up
In the immortal words of another’s former ‘wealth’
“I’m a rock star now,
Maybe when I grow up I’ll be something else! “

(original omitted rap part 2)
Man, I saw Janet just the other day - After two kids there’s another on the way
Well………. Looks like our boy finally got some play
“Hey, haven’t you figured out how those things happen by now?”
“Very funny, Lizzie,  you still whining about how you look like a cow?”
“No, but not much has changed, really, it’s true
You’re still just as beautiful  ………………..You’ll always look like – you!”

I’m getting tired of the demands of this world
On the so called whirl
Of the ideal girl
Makes us all wanna hurl, trying to resist
Being put on the list
Of becoming the priss
Who must exist in order to survive
The hype and the jive
That’s on the show live
Day after day, and it’s ran out it’s play
And I’m proud to say
A new form is headed our way
   Look, I’m catching up, just like Momma said I would
      I’ve been drinking truth
And it does a body good
In my new frame of mind I’m painting a picture
New #1 bitch, ya
Can’t take it wit’ ya
Ought to the road I’m heading, getting closer by the hour
With the new found power
Petals pretty on this flower
Not quite yet matured, but I’m well on the way
      And there are plenty of girls out there
      That know what I’m trying to say
    When I grow up, oh I said when I grow up
    I’m already a babe
     (Repeat 3 times)
     I Wanna,  I Wanna, I Wanna, I Wanna
    I said I Wanna Be A Babe
    I said I'm already a babe

    (Whisper)  When I grow up…..
     Oh, eye….

Copyright 1996/1998 (Elizabeth Anne)
                         2001 FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC / Tick Free Music (BMI)