What I Know
When I am all alone
How often I reflect
The fact that I forget
To elect to show respect

To the One so high
Of whom I swore Iíd worship to
Gave my soul, so true
Of Whom created, it is due

How I tell him of my love
Consider precious as a Dove
Blessings showered from above
While in reality I shove
All the things Iíve learned aside
My ignorance, I cannot hide
My arrogance, so full of pride
Truly, by His laws, I do not abide

So why do I, claim to know
He, Whose example I do not show
Within His teachings I may grow
But only if I can bestow
The grace and mercy Iíve received
His pain to bear for all to see
Now how could I ever aim to be
The sence of true Christianity
Whose Lord does not expect to see
That which is not heartfelt glee
But that which is expressed joyfully
And love that is given freely

Such commandments are not burdensome 
When love is the true motivation
What I seek in prayer, I do receive  
But have not realized when I donít believe

For I have asked for wisdom I can use 
And the patience I've needed to bestow
And, in return, I am forgiven for when I know not what I do
And for when I do not what I know
Copyright 1999 (Elizabeth Anne)
2001 FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC