Thoughts Thought Through
I get told by people I have never met
in person,
but rather, via the internet,
that I'm generous and kind loving with my words
and shared thoughts
It strikes me sometimes as absurd
For in reality,
selfish motive makes me find the good qualities
in another's artistic wisdom
Not for recognition, admiration or attention
but for the inspiration of insight and vision.
Possibly to reflect just simply on my own life,
to explore it.
I lived vicariously through those fools
and loved them all deeply for it.

It is the simple joy of life
to find exquisite poetry expressed...
Oh yeah, that, and the fact that
I am easily emotionally-impressed

Otherís comments have often represented
the more logical train of thought,
Whereas I have represented
the more emotional objective

Criticism is just as important as praise,
As long as they are both constructive
The writer/filmmaker/artist/poet,
they all require both aspects
However, which do you think
they want to hear more of?

Action is needed to instigate coherence in a wider range
Less talk and more results are what motivate real change
Words convey messages that when acted upon, implication is learned
So in perspective it would be helpful to clearly define those terms

Real tonality needs no decibels to shout
A true voice
starts in the heart,
builds in the soul,
finds itself within the mind,
and the mouth is the last area for doubt.

And now that I have connected what the trip is about,
must I still search for a leader to acknowledge my clout?
Who said I was following?
Maybe I was sent on this 'trip'
to set up road flares along the way...
But I aint no flashlight carrying mutha
My impression is a full spark!
Be prepared to recognize the power
Youíll need to correlate it
once you hear that voice in your own heart

I considered greatly the visions encountered here
Thoughts vibrantly created, expressed without fear
Knowing that each work is one's own soul held dear
Who are we but to help one another steer
Towards the direction we seek to pursue our goals so high
Shame for he who has never tried to touch the sky
And felt himself fall, only to get back up again
For it is that true soul that will eventually 'win'

So let it hinder us NOT, this road we now do travel
For it is but only one of many in our stories to unravel
Of how we were so blessed to communicate so far
While waiting each our OWN turn at the wheel of the car
Let it be a guide to a future grasped less frightening
Be grateful for the opportunity to NOW receive the 'slack'
For your ride up front WILL be so much more enlightening
After having traveled the journey from the position in the back

Címon now, through all the attention seeking,
have I taken myself too seriously?
Maybe my personal impression is basically
just not what the world needs to hear?
While the impression of myself that Iíve offered
has been considered unnaturally weird
If independent thought is free
Then why should mine require protection?
Who is to say the wildflower is not appropriate
Simply because it does not grow in a certain direction...

If you cannot relate to what youíve encountered,
perchance new perspective is due
Perhaps it is the VIEW
that has been a little askew

And as you finish comprehending this topic
If you feel acknowledgment is due
Donít become inclined to thank the author
By all means -
Thank YOU

Copyright 2003 (Elizabeth Anne) 2001 FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC