Still Standing Hear
Can I ask yall a question?
Why are we standing here?

Dressed in this gear, wanting our image to be held dear
Amongst our friends and those who may be looking
Not sure the appointment of which were booking
But we must desire badly just to be accepted
To allow our apparel be the medium that its reflected
In the amount of skin we share with strangers.

If you look good and feel comfortable
Than what you expose is a bless-ed lot
But such is not the case of us here that obviously do not
Look so cute in the same attire, which activity some
Of us perhaps should retire
But we dont, because we want to be part of the crowd
So is that why we put up with this deafening beat so loud?
Drowning out our voices, relinquishing any choices
To change this pattern in time
While we wait in line, the possibility that
One of us might be declined
When evidently we allow ourselves
To be caught off-sentry every step
We herd ourselves into one of these cues
As we assimilate to the accepted views
With all this loud music thumping
It must be our conscious we can not hear
However, whatever goal we each individually seek
Im hard pressed to believe that we will find it near this door

It is no accident
The methods chosen to knock us back within
These boundaries, Ive found really that
The fact isnt apparent to society as a collective
Because individually we are being programmed
To believe weve lost respect with
Ourselves, as well as one another
And this is the outfit with which we chose to uncover?
If that picture can evoke such a fear,
Then why not against it are we standing?
HEAR what it is Im saying
This isnt some game we should be playing
If I am paying entry to walk into a door
And there will be no compensation for the sensation I must explore
Then I should probably have no need to wear the uniform of a whore
Through this recognition
The repetition becomes so clear
That now I must ask myself
Why am Eye still standing here.?

Copyright 2005 (Elizabeth Anne)  FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC