The Speech of Acceptance
Bear with me for I feel a little nervous
At that moment you strive for your whole career
I do want to say thank you so much
To my Mom, my loved ones and fans so dear

For those who worked so hard to make this project possible
They deserve an affectionate display of gratitude
For it is the admiration of our peers and the influential
That reminds of us why love is due

We rock a showy display in one anotherís presence
While our insecurity forms future plans of effervescence
Make sure that planís a hit
So you can rise above the pit
And make sure we thank God for making it all possible
Even though whoís example we SO do NOT represent

As we rise up in front of the masses
To accept the trophy others lost by our mighty sword
It is in light of such irony
That I should not physically accept this Ďawardí

Itís quite an honor for recognition of assessment,
But for some reason, itís the competition that gets exemplified
So in that respect, remember to reflect
Creation of art and love within all our lives

Admire inspiration within your existence
Such acknowledgement is true wealth
But donít take that from me or from them, kids

You take it from yourself

Thank you

Copyright 2003 (Elizabeth Anne)  FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC (BMI)