Running From Precedence
Written and Directed by Elizabeth Anne
Elizabeth Anne
Veronica Santiago
Tonya Combs
Lauren Gywnn
Leslie Kent

Lead Character Double
Sybille Graf-Franceschi

Screenplay by
Elizabeth Anne 2006

Running From Precedence
Lyrics - Elizabeth Anne
© FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC 2006

with Excerpt from
Lyrics - Elizabeth Anne
© FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC 2003

Lyrics Performed by
Elizabeth Anne
Featuring Veronica Santiago

Score Composed by
Elizabeth Anne
and Robbi Perez
FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC
2006 BMI    All Rights Reserved

Initial Screenings FEATURING

Composition "You're Everything"
by DiViNCi - 2004

Elizabeth Anne
Veronica Santiago
Robbie Perez 
Shot on MiniDV - Cannon GL1

Cinematography -
Elizabeth Anne
Forest Cinematography Assist -
David Fariss
Underwater Cinematography Assist -
Leslie Kent
Panasonic PVGS150 (submerseable casing)

Camera Operator Assistance
Veronica Santiago / Leslie Kent /
Sybille Graf-Franceschi

Shot on Location at
Maitland Arts Center - Maitland, Florida
Moss Park - Orlando, Florida
Shadow Bay / Marsha Park - Orlando, FL

Edited by 
Elizabeth Anne
Adobe-Premiere-Pro 1.5

Soundtrack Recorded and Engineered by
Robbi Perez
GarageBand 3.0
Home Studio, Bremereton, WA

Elizabeth Anne and Mike Noles
Sonar Producer 5
Adobe Audition 1.5
MNPE Studios, Orlando, FL

Costumes/Props -
Elizabeth Anne
Additional Wardrobe -
Veronica Santiago / Lauren Gywnn
Angel Wings purchased from
Rhonnaís Flying Faeries

A student-film project for
Valencia Community College
Motion Picture Production I
Robert McCaffrey - Spring 2006
Screened April 17th, 2006 in class at Valencia Community College
Screened April 23rd, 2006 at the DMAC Short-Film Slam
Running From Precedence   Act 1

Narration of *Girl*

I have Ė premonitions, visions, of moments to come
Somewhere in the future, although I know not which one
As I have experienced many, all confusing to me
Because itís not intuition with which I tried to see
What the meaning encompassed, but rather how my ego interpreted
The way that I demanded the sense should become worded
From the root of my mouth, only to be the root of all evil
I could not understand how to convince these people
That the end is upon us, the sum of our days
Eye must make some effort to modify my ways
And all I could do was look back in wide-eyed gaze
At the fact that no one gave two shits to anything I say

The importance weighing heavy in the message afloat
Became the application for applying the joke
Upon the lack of conveyance that I hung from the rope of
Severed communication, my bonds to be broke

Now donít go making fun, because itís not what I spoke
Itís the lack of definition in the reason for hope
When they speak of my contributions, what will be all she wrote?

I had a pen and paper. Did I ever take note?

Each moment my priorities successively hassle me
Distracting concentration by impulsively pestering
My rumination escaping superior preference
That patterns my resonance,
running from precedence
Meditation evading the design to assimilate
Divination debating attitude that incorporates
Adaptation persuading aptitude to capitulate
Submit to companionship and congregate to the ways
Responsibility overpowers me, the guilt of which it showers me
In blame I feel shame for the name that devours me
I can no longer formulate the equation
To associate myself with the end of my days

(both narration and music rise in tempo and pitch)

Yet the faster I run there is nowhere to hide
The terror inside that lurks from my pride
If I catch it can I recognize it?
What if it seems familiar to me?
How could I seize such opportunity?
Would the moment at last remorse set me free?
If I am not prepared with purpose from the hostility I flee
What will I do when it catches up to me?

(Music becomes faster)
My adversary assaults my every directory
Ill communication turns adverse effectively
Violent oppression determines my outward ability
Aggression overcome, Thine will be done
To which sickness I am stuck,
NOW it has me   What the ...

(Beat in music becomes more rapid Ė constantly ascending tempo)
Dialogue between *Girl* and *Aggressor* begins (voice in extreme aggravation)

The sickness of which you speak is the company in which you keep
The constant pity that you seek repeatedly makes me weak
Such annoyance YOU persist to aggravate me beyond our senses
In constant apology YOU have forever been relentless
Until now I am the one who has been made SICK
Confined within the boundaries that make you tick
I refuse to tolerate your depression any more
From this masterbated created obsession you implore
Within your self-mockery there is no open door
Your aggression is not suppression of the possibilities you explore
Itís the digression from repression of self-worth for inner core
No choice remains but to eradicate it from our common wealth
If you will not cease this self-destruction, then I will end it myself!

(Music crescendos loudly to halt)

Running From Precedence   Act 2

(Music changes to softer appeal)

What a constant dreadful ride
This part of me I cannot hide
To myself inside
To awake from struggle is glorious sensation
Yet I am left with the feeling of odd determination
To repair the scenario to a better situation
How does sleep allow vision of such destruction to paralyze me
When awake I view the same imagery surrounded in beauty
The revelation in conveyance bringing emotion to itís peak
Obviously weighs of no importance through words when I speak

(Narration of a new voice *Fairy* comes in)

Many a prophet will be persecuted for what they have to say
Of potential imagery that spiritually sheds light on present day
Dissention by rebellion often becomes recognizable answer
If ONE plays the flute, the flock will certainly become the dancers

Nevertheless, confusion of illusion deconstructs along the way
Spoken words misconstrued become communication for their prey
Those who understand - take caution outside of demonstration
Those who overstand - take heed within the celebration

ONE would be wise in consideration of connotation
Prior to acting on impulse and desire
Who will eventually burn within their own fire
Detonating from pressure while their enemies applause it
Such aggravation originates source of what will ultimately cause it

Rewind the celluloid
Focus during replay and pause it

You will recognize the meaning once you distinguish it from itís clauses 

Running From Precedence   Act 3

Dialogue between *Girl* and *Fairy*

(as if in realization)
Uttered before itís Season, voice of reason relinquishes as I cough it
The explanation for my pain is now apparent as foreseen
Iím suffering persecution because I am a prophet

No my child,
Youíre overreacting because youíre a drama queen
Music ceases   (silence)
Music begins again

NOW is the present, a gift to those that will believe it
Thereís no clemency for the clairvoyant seer to retrieve it
Youíre not suffering disillusion in the manner you perceive it
Youíre buffering conclusion because you wonít allow yourself to receive it

Go forward with lifeís concern and allow your inner answers to solve it
You will not suffer persecution because your energy will dissolve it
If you recognize your path it wonít become lost when dreams steer off it

(silently to self) Keep expounding the meaning; you are your own prophet

FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC (2004) 2006