L' Imagination Projete'e
(Projected Fantasy)
Imagined Reality, Projected Fantasy, Differentiated Possibilities
Group 101 Films, Orlando - Wave 3 - Month 4
Theme: Cinema Fantastique
Director / Writer: Elizabeth Anne
Producer: Elizabeth Anne / Funkybuttmonkeemusic, INC
You can view this film streaming online at TriggerStreet.com.
Running Time: 7 minutes
Format Shot On Mini DV on Cannon GL1 / Panasonic
Editing On: Adobe Premiere                   
Cinematography and Editing:
Elizabeth Anne  
Director of Underwater Photography:
Leslie Kent
Thee Engineer
Vandit Bhatt                    John Archer Lundgren 
Ayotunde Harrell            Robert Maus 
Leslie Kent                      Kelly Schwencke
Veronica Smith (Narration)
The second screening of this film (full version)
was on Sunday, July10th, 2005
for  the DMAC Short-Film-Slam
The first version of this film had it's Premiere Screening for  Group 101 Orlando Films
on Sunday, June 5th, 2005.
L' Imagination Projetée NARATION:

Ever wonder what strength lies in numbers?
If two or more believe something to exist, does that make it real?   What if millions believe it?
Within our many schools of fish, where are we swimming to, and what do we learn?
Is it true that seeing is believing? Or would it stand to reason that perhaps, believing, is seeing?
Within the perspective of, the big picture, is it possible that everything we see, hear, taste, smell and touch,
is in essence, an illusion?
TITLE APPEARS:    - MAIN FOOTAGE BEGINS: (Title Narration in French by John Acher Lundgren)
La Réalité Imaginée, L’ Imagination Projetée, Les Possibilitées Variées Distinctivées
Images of a woman in a park (Kelly Schwencke):
What is it that we are seeking when we look outside of our immediate realm?
Is it an outward quest for others to connect to, a search of one another, or could it be an inner exploration of ourselves?   Perhaps it is an outward exploration of ourselves?
Images of a man with his manual (Robb Maus):
We carry within us, the necessary inner knowledge of what we need in life.
We already know everything we need to know. To learn, is to recollect the information naturally stored within us, and examine it from an entirely new, unique perspective. Yet like most resources, we tend to not fully research the provided manuals for assistance,  until situations occur differently than we desire.
Images of man outside reflecting inward (John Archer Lundgren):
We are in essence, projectors, capable of illuminating our own little motion pictures of who we are, and what is important to us, or more so, what we believe. In our, reality, however, we are actually screens, reflecting the images others believe they see. We most often are not projecting outward, but rather, projecting inward.
Images of swimmer in two different  realms (Leslie Kent):
The moment we enter the realm of life as we now know it, we are plunged into a grand belief system, one that surrounds our senses, certainly a tangible existence. As we grow, we tend to seek the organization and order of the society we become accustomed to. We eventually begin to consider the independent development of nature, as chaos and disorder. But what may be observed as a cloudy view, may actually be a more natural, pure state of existence. What may appear to be a more sanitary, clean view, may actually be contaminated by artificial interference.

Images of young man driving then parked (Vandit Bhatt):

So we continue to travel within this journey, and along the way we will begin to question it’s purpose for existence. It is not easy to convince any person in distress that the journey being traveled is the road they actually chose to voyage. Despite the outcome, even when we feel we have arrived at an unintended destination, we are only temporarily stranded.
Images of young girl playing the violin (Ayotunde Harrell):
Somewhere within the thread of our existence, lies the key to finding ourselves, to rescue our individual identity from the continuously changing reality we discover ourselves surrounded by. As we adapt to these situations, we join in the evocative composition that we each must play a part in. As if we were designed to produce a continuous, unified masterpiece, we become accompaniment to melody, harmony, and rhythm. When we improvise beyond the distinctive course of these patterns, we discover different, solo tones. We then must ask ourselves if such resonance is innovative in it’s current state, or if new harmonious sounds are flexible components of an original tune. To ponder such is to blur the lines between created, and expressed.
Ending Water Footage segue into B&W Silent images:
So how do we appear to one another in this clouded view? Do we continue to submerse our image forward, swimming within the realities of where we believe we are headed? Or do we eventually come up for air?
A motion picture is actually a suspension of reality. The Filmmaker is, in essence, a visionary who interprets
which version of reality will be viewed. Yet, in the moment that such reality is projected to an audience, who really is the interpreter? Is it the visionary, or does it become the format projecting the vision?
Final Projection to end credits:
If we could step back from this illusion and see the full picture, we would easily identify, recognize HOW it is created. However, we desire to be within it, living the imagination of many, held together in the grand belief system surrounding us, projecting, absorbing, reflecting,       what is believed to be,         reality…
Copyright 2005 Elizabeth Anne - FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC
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