Picture It
Don’t look at that image
It might infiltrate your mind
Don’t look at that image
It might provoke sex violence and crime
Never mind that such activity is broadcast
Night after night in television’s Prime Time
Never mind that such Motion Pictures steadily flicker
Through the frames, onto the screen, into the eyes,
Our NeverMinds, an ingenious intent to create
A control over the STATE of thought through control of what we see
So bondage can no longer be allowed in photography
While being daily practiced in governmental policy
Someone remind the attorney general of that
Next time they look for some new issue to create while they simulate
What should be acceptable for us to look at
In fear we may masturbate to a calling other than their own
As they form an excuse for naming the cause of their own ranks
Documenting visuals from moments of shame, they need
Something other than their version of patriotism to blame
While glorifying the current issues of our times
Sex Violence and Crimes
Engulfed by various forms of slavery, our art and our speech
May soon have to be, fighting the problem within our own mindset
Yet in order to visualize the solution, first we have to picture it

Watch! The FBI Governmental War On Porn Task Force
Will take YOU AND EYE from the other issues we ask source
Of reason for foreign wars and killing our youth by scores
When natural disasters continue to devastate due course
That the administration has neither the time or the work force
To tackle while the country’s deficit grows ever far worse
Might we be pleased to thank “God” someone is taking the time out
To bring obscenity charges against models, photographers and webhosts
That post photos that look even remotely like sadistic or masochist
The internet can soon live safe from such deviant imagery of practices
But be rest assured, capitalism will never cease pop-up ads
No matter how annoying, they’re safe on the issues list
Could government resources find use beyond the Bible Belt
If not pursuing legality of imagery created by consenting adults?

Yet another example that this is just the power needed to get you with:
We’re allowed to have our freedom, we’re just not allowed to picture it
echo: picture it, picture it, picture it, picture it…
Copyright 2005 (Elizabeth Anne)  FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC