... Linear Note
You have always encouraged me
Instructed me when I needed to be told
To turn to myself when I needed to hold
A sense of accomplishment sold
Now embarking fruition from such nutrition
I have grown
So I fear not to make comments bold

I have awoke ~ my intention revoke
That I will never be a linear note

You are not the first angel to hover over my inspiration
Do not think I have little practice in backing up a sensation
I have supported many artists who made TRUE presentation
To eventually move forward to higher destination
All the while having no proof of such delegation
My name NEVER mentioned
If support is sincere, there’s really no obligation

Still the lack of recognition made me feel like a joke
For I have never been a linear note

Who could hold within their hands
A pocket filled with grains of sand
While building foundations across the lands
Planting the seeds of wisdom can be
Accomplished through the message of a band
Got Damn?
Eye will ALWAYS be YOUR fan.

Yet have long accepted, although of it I never spoke
That I will never be YOUR linear note

NOW it occurrs to me, as I have been piecing my work together
to FINALLY AWAKE my vision true
I realize that all this time I actually did it all for you?
To impress my fellow artist and prove to them I could come through
As if I owed it to anyone but myself to make due
And I EXPECTED not to be mentioned
when you called upon your ENTIRE crew

But as I drove home
I became shocked to not have been shocked by such faction
As if I would have no right to feel left behind, forgotten passion
When I never perform for any of you
Why would I be included amongst that fashion

All those films I make, that screened to stranger audiences
They count not as an artist’s tune, much less a performance ration
Such is the reason for my lack of representation
You never see me recording up in your place
Much less spit my lines up in your face
Because reality has it’s space
~ I never read your mind, I read your actions base
You lack belief that I possess performing talent
~ so I in turn prayed you would not lack faith?

I somehow lost that desire as I arrived home

One which I will not seek to replace

I never want to hear a fellow performer announce my name
~ less to say they knew me WHEN
When not one of them ever have called me out of a crowd
~ even when I say they know me NOW.

The kingdom of Heaven truly is within
I will never again look up to you
for what on my own I can slam
You and I will NEVER be friends
We will ALWAYS be FAM

So please overstand the sentiment
as I remove the attitude from my throat
I will never be a “shout-out”
~ such FREEDOM I savor I will return the favor

We are blessed, for the least one of your disciples listened
~ I clapped not as you spoke

And I no longer desire to ever be a linear note


I will write my own

~ Elizabeth Anne 2005