The Interpreter’s Discovery
Chapter 2: Existing Within One's Vision
Group 101 Orlando Films - Wave 3 - Month 5
Theme: Living The Dream  /  Requirement: Downtown Orlando
The Revolution of one's existence is considered as
Professor KAT helps The Individual seek answers within self
SCRIPT Chapter Two
Copyright 2005
Elizabeth Anne - FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC
ACT 1: Scene 1: Masquerading Imagery
black screen – fades into scene of outside walkway     POV is walking forward

I admit, I was a little hesitant at first,  to talk about this…
Even though it was ME that brought it up…
But I do appreciate you spending your time with me
so that I could feel less hesitant, more comfortable, in sharing my story with you.
POV continues  walking forward, basket of bread comes into view
I wanted to tell you about this dream I had quite a while back.
It was so annoying, it almost made no sense.
I felt like I had just woke up, and was walking around, attempting to find something to eat.
Image shows the Individual finding a basket of bread, looking at the food items
How are you today, Existence?
Individual POV looks up at a man in costume

I look up, and I see this man, wearing a masquerade costume.
And I look around, because I have no clue of what or to whom he is speaking.
Individual POV looks around empty surroundings
And he says, “Who else do you think I am talking to, there’s no one else here.”
POV turns to location wide shot – pans revealing no one else in sight
And I say “Why did you just refer to me as ‘existence’?” 
And he says, “Because of how you revolve around me.”
Camera angles begin to slowly revolve around characters, showing them
conversing with one another, although you cannot see the face of the
man in costume, the dialogue is still a narrative account from the voice over

So I ask what he means, “I revolve around him!”
And he says, “Every day you ponder your state of entity, without ever considering the repetition of you nature.”
And I said, “Everyday?!? Dude, have we even met before??”
He just cocks his head to the side and says
“I may appear to you as some unknown ‘joker’, but do I look like I am joking with you now?””
I found that to be a ridiculous question.
“I can’t tell, you’re hiding behind the mask of a fool.”
We see the Individual actually speaking that line. The man in the costume replies with an interested “Hmmmm” audible to audience off-camera. The Individual’s voice becomes slightly annoyed, partially sarcastic .  Camera begins to take on POV of Individual looking at the different items on the table, slow pan close ups of items.
But no matter how he annoyed me, I knew he was right.
I felt it.        I had this overpowering question, weighing heavily on my mind.
A specific presence      or a specific occurrence
that continues in a constant state of “being”,      simply “exists” because it is…        “specific”?
  or, does it “exist” because it constantly continues to do so?
Brief Pause       Well… I mean, I felt the confusion was not over the state of “being” or “existing”,
but more so within what certain circumstances existence was being defined.
Well, it could be more than one aspect combined, couldn’t it?
Pause - POV of Individual looks back up to man in costume
Persistent Specifics Determine Existence?      
Another Brief Pause          Yeah… right!
So as this fool just kept pondering my existence, I wanted to believe that I am specified as exactly WHO I am.
I’m not relying on any outside influence to define me.
However, this character was insistent that I was some series of repetitions.
Like, I’m here now, because I was here yesterday…
Like, if I had just showed up once, and he never saw me again,
then I might have been a figment of his imagination.
But because in his world, I had been there every single morning,
why then, by all means, I must “exist” in his everyday “existence”.
Well, you know what? I don’t care what he thought,   I had never see this joker before in my life!

So, instead of wasting my time explaining to him…
Like… I just spent this time to explain… to you… my ponderous inquiry…
POV of man in costume seeing Individual say these words:
I just said:      “Well, you know what? I don’t care what you think,   I’ve never see you before in my life! "

We see image of man in costume, head to side as if confused again, then image becomes burry, hazy interference.

And then… it just got… freaky

Imagery continues as we watch man in costume come closer to camera, as if addressing audience
The joker says “You’ve never seen me before, because you have never taken the time to look!”
And I said “look at WHAT?!?!”
And he says, “yourself”.

Man in costume removes mask to reveal it is actually the Individual himself
And when he took off that mask, and I saw it was ME, I about swallowed my tongue!
And then he says, “Even though you are looking at yourself right now, you will STILL
consider the image to be nothing more than a dream…”

Wow, that could be translated into some strong metaphors.       So, what did you reply?
Image of dream begins to fade as we see Individual say these words:
I said, “You know what?     This dream is getting really weird.       I’m going to walk away now.”
ACT 1: Scene 2: Revolving Revelations
Visual fades into room of den, the same scene where the first chapter film ended.
Visual reveals the offscreen comment is from voice of The Interpret
So then did you walk away?
I don’t know…       I woke up.
We see the Interpreter and the Individual continuing their conversation.
Individual is still holding the mirror previously given to him.
Well, I think that could translate as a ‘yes’.
A ‘yes’ to what?
That you walked away.
So… I’m a fool?
No, you are “YOU”, and you see yourself as “you”.
It’s just that once you actually pondered your own existence, you could only see yourself as a fool.

The Individual sits and ponders this for a moment.
I have a thought for you to consider.
If this character, this ‘joker’, had been in your dreams, night after night, might he then had seemed to you
as if he were existing in your every night, every day “existence”?

I suppose, maybe.
As a reoccurrence, a repetition, so to speak?
Yes, I suppose so.
But because he had just showed up once, for this first time he appeared to you,
or rather, for the first time you recognized him, as you had never before,
well, then, by all means you considered he must have been a figment of your imagination.
But he was.
(takes a deep sighing breath)
just as you were his everyday occurrence.
You understand space and time as you perceive it.
He understood space and time as he perceived his.
But… he was me…
Well, then, perhaps you need to understand a different perception of yourself?
Another brief pause as Individual looks back into the mirror
As the individual speaks the next lines, the visual will go back and forth between
the Interpreter’s previous dream of the sea nymph (from Chapter 1), and the Individual’s dream of the joker

You know, I’m really glad you shared your dream with me about the girl underwater, finding the mirror, and then
how you ACTUALLY found the same mirror the next day. I mean, I say my dream got freaky, but your reality was more so. I mean, I think that is the weirdest coincidence, and just you relating that… how even after getting rid of this thing,
it comes back to you again?!?! THAT is just wild!
Well, I actually didn’t use my dream as a specific reference because of the occurrence with the mirror.
Individual hands mirror back to the Interpreter Finding that and the dress were both odd occurrences, and I am convinced  there’s something more powerful beyond that connection.   But I really shared that particular dream with you, because it still haunts me,   and you needed to discuss a dream that still haunts you.    So that was the connection I correlated with you.
Brief Pause …
In some odd way, I really feel it was fate that made you come to me with all of this.
FATE?, Umm…. Actually…
(hesitant) I came to you because you have the reputation of being “the Interpreter”.
“The Interpreter”?!?!      Is that what the students have nicknamed me?
INDIVIDUAL:     Ummm… yeah.
(laughing out loud)
Oh, That’s classic!   (mimics to himself the words silently, mocking himself)

Leans in closer, confidentially speaks   Listen, you won’t tell anyone about my dream will you?
INTERPRETER: Of course not. You won’t tell anyone of mine, either?
INDIVIDUAL: Of course not.
INDIVIDUAL: But I won’t believe it’s ‘fate’ that we connected in this manner.
INTERPRETER:   Really? Why?
Because, your story was really cool, and all…
But Dude, seriously…  If I ever see anyone in that costume  or ever find that mask lying around somewhere,
I really think I WILL seriously swallow my tongue!

Okay, fair enough
The Interpreter puts mirror in his briefcase, stands up to leave.   The Individual then rises as well
Think about my “interpretation” if you want,  and we can discuss all of this more tomorrow
after the faculty meeting if you like

Works for me.
The Interpreter begins to leave, then turns around on his way to the door
Oh hey, if for some reason you should happen to ever find that mask...
The Interpreter turns back to him smiling, but realizes the Individual is extremely serious, not joking in what he is saying – The Interpreter reaches out his arm to Individual’s
I will just keep it to myself.
Besides, how would ‘eye’ know what it looks like?
(again, recognizing the Individual’s anxiety, he says assuring)
I know… It will look like you, pondering your own existence.
The Interpreter smiles to him, then walks out the door, scene fade
ACT 2: Scene 1:  Dream Comes To Life
Scene fade back in to show next day, Interpreter is seen walking down the sidewalk, goes into Café, greets barista attendant and orders coffee and breakfast. There is conga music  playing, and he is intrigued by the sound.
What’s that sound in the next room?
It’s a dance rehearsal for an upcoming show.
The Interpreter is so intrigued he steps away from the counter with his coffee, and walks into the next room where the rehearsal is taking place. The camera angle follows him from behind into the next room, where we see the image of a girl dancing to the music. She is wearing a flowing skirt that twirls as she is spinning around. Camera zooms in on the tambourine she is holding and image shifts back and forth between close up shots of the tambourine, and the look on The Interpreter’s face, as he realizes it is the same tambourine that was in his dream.
As he walks up closer to her, he notices that she IS the same girl who was in his dream as well.
In a moment of anxiety, he slowly backs up, almost as if in fear.
The barista is behind him, and he accidentally backs up to her.
What’s wrong?
The Interpreter quickly turns around, hands the coffee to the barista and briskly walks out of the café.
ACT 2: Scene 2:  Advice Comes To Guide
Scene fades to sidewalk outside of building, on school campus. The Interpreter is walking forward, serious look of contemplation on his face, the Individual comes into view from the side, rushes across the grass to meet up.
(calls out)
Professor Kat, wait up!
Hey John. How are ya?
Hi Professor. Care to continue that discussion from yesterday regarding dreams?
Umm, yeah, I think I can.
You think? Why, is something wrong?
The Interpreter looks up with an expression of anxiety, almost as if fear
Well, it just so happens, I had another “occurrence” this morning while ‘I’ was attempting breakfast…
Really?  Brief Pause – characters look at each other
The Individual suddenly takes on his own anxiety. 
Oh no! You saw my mask?!?!
(assures him) 
No, noI
(looks forward as if into space.)
I think I saw mine
Your mask?
Metaphorically speaking, yes
Oh… the girl. Yeah…(steps back for a moment, not sure what to think of that statement)
(suddenly realizes)
Oh damn, you saw the girl in your dream!
Interpreter shakes his head yes
Individual stops and looks straight at him
You know what this means?
Interpreter silently shakes his head no
You have to go back, and find her, look beyond the mask.
Yeah, but unlike your vision, I’m not convinced I will find myself.
Well, then, perhaps YOU need to understand a different  perception of her?
Individual pats Interpreter on the back reassuringly, walks away.
Interpreter stands contemplating the comment.
Scene fade
ACT 3: Scene 1: Mistaken Eyed Entity
Scene fades in – Interpreter walks down sidewalks downtown. We hear hi Narration
How could this occurrence keep repeating for me?
What is it that life is trying to tell me?
I don’t mean in living, in the active function of my existence,
but I mean through the experience of life. What is the point?
Interpreter continues walking, looking around
I felt so sure I had the answers when this Individual came to me,
and now I realize I may be more lost than he is?

Scene fades back for a moment to previous scenes of Individual and Interpreter
Confusion gets us nowhere. We promised each other  that we would tell no one else of our dreams.
Now I feel as if I should tell the world, get that message out to others…

Brief pause, Interpreter looks out over landscape
But I would have to understand WHAT the message is before I could share it.
If I can’t translate the meaning, how can I bring it to anyone else?
How will they interpret my interpretation if I don’t have the courage to offer it?
If I offer it, but interpret it incorrectly, than anyone I’ve shared it with, will have the same confusion

Interpreter looks down at his feet - Scene fades back for a moment to the image of the man in costume,
and we hear the line again
Persistent Specifics Determine Existence?
Scene fades back -, Interpreter turns and heads back to café.
If I want to understand the message, I have to communicate with the messenger.
Communication involves all of the aspects relating and all of the aspects listening.
… I am asking all of these questions, but I cannot hear what I do not let speak to me.

Interpreter approaches café, goes back inside.
The same music is playing and he sees the girl dancing again.
I have to offer the opportunity for it to answer back…
He gets up the courage to approach the girl. He touches her shoulder, but when she turns around, it is someone else. He apologizes for mistaken Identity and turns around to leave.
But then, I find the messenger only to mistake her for someone else?!?!
Pause as scene fades
Maybe I need to simply be more open for the opportunity to communicate to arise again…
ACT 3: Scene 2: Space And Time Are ONE
Scene fade in as we see the first dancer (the seanymph from the previous dream)
walking around the downtown streets.

The images will then juxtapose back and forth between two characters.
There will shots of the girl taking photos with a 35 mm still camera,
then later, looking over the negatives and pictures
while there are shots of the Individual using a 8 mm film camera,
looking over the reel of footage, and putting it into the projector.

As these shots occur, we hear narration over the final sequences.

A new character (later to be revealed in Chapter 3 as the Mistaken Messenger)
is seen packing for a trip, leaving behind some sort of note.
We see the dancer (from The Interpreter's dream) as she is going for a walk.
She is taking pictures, still images on 35 mm.
The images will then juxtapose back and forth between two characters.
There will shots of her taking the photos, looking over the negatives and pictures
while there are shots of the Individual using a 8 mm film camera,
looking over the reel of footage, and putting it into a projector.
The final result eventually leads back to the narrating Messenger and the note she leaves behind.

As these shots occur, we hear the Messenger narrating the final sequence.

I spend a lot of effort relating my thoughts in connection to how I believe I would like them to be comprehended. However, I have come to realize that another’s comprehension is not a factor I can control. I am not so convinced I desire to do so. If I explain how I feel by use of inquiry, perhaps the recipient can determine their own meaning?

Where do we exist?
Is it in reality, or in our dreams? 
Is “One” a single entity, or a concept of “all” characterized by Unity?
Does “one” need to be in contrast with, or in relation to, some other “one” of it’s “kind” in order for it to be known as “one”? Is “One” more than identity or ego? Is it neither?
When “one” is placed in specifics, or limits to define itself, must it rely on measurements of space and time?
Are “space” and “time” properties of the universe, or are they measurements created by man?
Seeing is believing, or is the moment you believe something, the point of when you actually “see” it? What is the difference between believing something and knowing it?

If something is photographed into a still image, does it stop in time?
Did time every really stop at all? Would it be silly to think we can exist inside a mere snapshot of film? What about motion film? If a film is a series of images, several individual frames that make an image in motion, is it similar to our time alive, a series of motions?
If something we say is recorded once, did it exist that one time, or does it exist every time the recording is replayed? Could it be that we are recordings? Is all space and time that has been recorded, capable of being repeated? If it is now, has it been, and possibly will be again?

Can space be considered an area provided for a particular purpose, or is it an infinite expanse? Is it both? Is it an interval of time?
Is time a non-spatial continuum from one point “to” another?
Or is it more easily defined as a one’s experience during a specific period or place, or… space?

If all of these are thoughts are true, then space and time, are one.

No matter how much I chat, converse, correlate, communicate, no matter what connection I may understand, or what commentary I may overstand, I have no way to explain the statement I am about to make. I only KNOW it to be.

Space and Time are One. There is no space and time. There will always be One.

One is the quest I now embark, because I KNOW it can be found within my mind.

I have to keep the search focused, because I BELIEVE I am running out of space … and time …
Copyright 2005   Elizabeth Anne - FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC
Interpreter's Discovery Ch 2
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