The Interpreter’s Discovery
Chapter 1: Quest For The Obscure Looking Glass
Group 101 Orlando Films - Wave 3 - Month 5
Theme: Mirrors  /  Requirement: Smoke
“Professor KAT” goes on a journey of reflection and exploration
SCRIPT Chapter One
Copyright 2005
Elizabeth Anne - FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC
ACT 1 Scene 1: Dream with a Sea Nymph
black screen – fades into water imagery

Late one night, encompassed within the partial lost consciousness of my sleep, 
I dreamt that I was submersed beneath the surface of the ocean.  
I did not consider any thought of taking breath underwater, yet I began to feel my breath being taken away.
(imagery introduces tambourine )
I could see a very distinct vision, an image of beauty. It was feminine, with grace and agility.   
imagery introduces Maiden
As it grew closer to my view,  I could make it out to be in like manner of a Sea Nymph. 
Even though the vision of this maiden seemed slightly hazy,
I was somehow cognizant of an exploration within her gliding motion.

Suddenly, I became aware of my own exploration, a gliding voyeurism,
as if I were within the depths of the water alongside her, flowing effortlessly beside.
What if she could sense some otherworldly presence watching over her?
zoom to close up of maiden’s arm
The sensation might transform to goose bumps on her skin.

I began to wonder if any attempt to convey this experience would prove ineffectual,
if not accompanied by the visual I was graced with…
I became engrossed by the desire to share this vision with others.

Suddenly, the maiden recognized an existence within her path.
As she flowed towards it, I remained spellbound by the imagery I had discovered.

And then unexpectedly, I witnessed… the imagery discovering itself.
Sea Nymph discovers a mirror and sees her own image -
scene fades out underwater shot of Maiden – fade to black
ACT 2 Scene 2: Shore Awakening
scene fades back in with sleepy-eyed Interpreter walking along the beach –

When I awoke the next morning, I felt as if I were still in that underwater realm,
yet somehow floating on air. I could recall the imagery of the dream so vividly,
that I could still see her discovery in front of me.

(discovers mirror in the sand)
And then as if miraculously, I was startled from my intellectual discovery to a physical one.
The exhilaration overwhelmed me as I uncovered the memory in tangible form.
Could I have stumbled across the exact discovery I had dreamt of?!?!?!
What if the dream were more than mere unconscious imagery?

discovers dress maiden was wearing in his dream, washed up on the shore
zoom backwards to close up on Interpreter’s arm
(line spoken exactly as before during maiden’s image of arm )
What if I had actually sensed some otherworldly presence watching over me?
The sensation might transform to goose bumps on my skin. 

fade to black from image of arm
ACT 2 Scene 1: Passing Reflection
The Interpreter is seen walking down a sidewalk, content facial expression
carrying the mirror closely up against his chest

I convinced myself, that if I could have foretold the importance of this discovery,
I would have. This discovery became dear to me, and I took it with me wherever I went.

As I carried this reflection with me, holding it close to my being,
I began to recognize how attached to it I had become.

facial expression slowly changes to consideration
I eventually came to comprehend that such obsession in the imagery’s
physical manifestation, might ultimately conceal the imagery’s spiritual function.

looks into mirror, comes to terms with WHO he sees
The transitory smolder of this daydream had made the object more obscure
than the moments prior to my acquisition of it. 

I felt that I should leave it behind, to let go of it
and simply travel forward.

the Interpreter sets the mirror  down along the sidewalk, and walks away from it.
Fade as Interpreter walks away.
ACT 2 Scene  2: Consigned Aquisition
Passerby with a dog that stumbles onto the mirror and looks into it,
Camera captures dog’s direct view
Is it safe to consider that a person might be gifted with exceptional powers
of profound insight and expression? Is it safe to consider that an object might be
capable of possessing the same gift? What of a thought, or even the consideration
itself, being capable of possessing such endowment?

Passerby goes into consignment shop, trades the mirror for a different item
Many believe the true essence and purpose of existence
are intended to be hidden from us.
However, it is often we that hide from existence.
Flash back of Dog looking into the  mirror - Camera captures dog’s direct view 
Maybe the meaning is not what we lack comprehension of.
Maybe we lack definition of the view in which we perceive the meaning to exist.

Camera slowly zooms into smoke from incense burning -  zooms back from smoke to reveal a different day,
when the Interpreter walks into the shop to purchase jewelry. He discovers the mirror on the table.
If we encounter any facet of our being, any component visible to the surface, to be capable of returning sufficient undiffused light, whether tangible or spiritual ... we consider it to be a reflection. 
It then appears that the Interpreter is relating the story of the Sea Nymph to the shop owner, and the shop owner insists the Interpreter take the mirror home – hands mirror to him, he reluctantly takes it.
I believe a more interesting concept to consider…
… is that the reflection may be more of a tangible representation than the existence ever required.

When the components visible to the surface, are scrutinized by thorough examination, they can create confusion.
Often they are left to await an individual that can expound  a translation from it’s original form.
ACT 3: Beyond Anonymity
Scene fades to Interpreter sitting in den, holding mirror in his hands, viewing his reflection
So there I sat, once again holding this wondrous looking glass, faithfully reflecting the
appearance of my existence, beckoning me to feel worthy of it’s imitation.
I was not content to regard this interest as one of life’s anonymity.

fade to the camera as it reveals the Interpreter in another setting,
speaking these lines out loud, looking up-forward, while he is holding the mirror
The understanding of life's mysteries, is much like the complexity
in the many diverse languages invented by mankind.
One fluent in a specific written communication
may easily decipher that which is not so easily recognizable to another.

camera pans back to reveal that he is speaking to an Individual
(not to the audience as a narrator, but actually communicating to a character directly)
However, who is to say that one cannot create one’s own language,
spoken, written, body or otherwise?

The Interpreter hands the mirror to The Individual 
PAUSE – The Individual studies his reflection, serious expression- strongly into the mirror
The Individual remains silent
You know… It's not all "Greek".
The Individual looks up at the Interpreter
If for any reason it ever becomes all Greek,
Have no fear, I am fully prepared to translate.

Both smile at one another, music fades up as visual fades to credits, to black.
Copyright 2005   Elizabeth Anne - FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC
Interpreter's Discovery Ch 1
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