Git Wit De Program
We have broken down to the core of the oceanís smacked shores while turning our Goddesses into crack whores ~ what lures cannot much longer endure ~ the fact scores that our slack bores the injustice from our own pain and suffering ~ so long constantly buffering that we have either forgotten that which it has been covering ~ or we have accepted the fate of our brothering ~ while YOU have been slamming shut doors previously guided open to paths of righteous flood gates ~ itís finally catching up to us where the oceans can no longer wait

Did YOU hear that?
It is finally catching up to us
Where the oceans can no longer wait to hydrate within the mind ~ a gestation before all time ~ tending to the garden infested in itís prime
Eden has been ~ as it is ~ will live again ~ the state of being
ONE ~ everything is on more that just the fun ~ no twinning of counterparts can
TWO relate in attempt to separate from others
THREE times a lady
FOUR times a MOTHER ~ FUNK is the estate sedate from the vacated pages ever notated 
FIVE olden rings that pulsated from the splinters under shiny gold-plated trees that bend towards the center of the mindís eye to the center of the planets while
SIX abate the decision to migrate for the winter ~ NEXT EXIT ROME they sign up for
MOTHER HOME ~ never mind the gender ~ bend her ear to listen ~
    ~ OHM ~
SEVEN found themselves alienated while feeling creation becoming stagnated ~ the reptilian sliver within the dome ~ MOTHER EARTH would not demand it so how did MOTHER FUNK come to overstand it if not for the access WEE were granted when YOU were given the GIFT to hand it over to the warriors who would translate ~ melodic tones to pulsate the future grand state ~ yet to this date receive little more than mere hand shake within the fan base grown landscapes ~ the players YOU seek drawn weak from the consumption ~ a bark not as strong the bite that YOU jest will require a tetanus shot ~ is this how we got
EIGHT soldiers from under the clearance RIGHT once plundered ~ misconstrued through substance abused by thugs that LEFT the wiser of incidents the more humbler ~
Was having known Malachi coincidence? Do wonder ~
Who would wear more heavily if challenging to debate the outcome ~ when it seems obviously PAST too late from that which YOU have LEFT behind ~ WOW ~
Ainít eye a bitch? Inclined to remind YOU that the bulk of your memories would decline a stitch in time if not turned over to your RIGHT mind ~ until what is LEFT becomes
NUMBER NINE times the state of being
ONE ~ everybody shines a little light under the SON of man through GOD they found created in manís image ~ not the other way around the lines we scrimmage into battlefields for narration ~ the recitation centuries drown until the ground shook in surround sound ~ the planet thus became oblate ~ having shape of spheroid generations by rotating ellipses in shorter destinations to axis ~ aligning the affiliation of the masses ~ compressed until completely flattened at the poles ~ the votes not counted were the ones criminally stole from the RIGHT to VOICE our CHOICE for LEADERSHIP ~ as man still seeks to find GOD to be within ~ DOG is considered manís best friend if domesticated to a lesser mammal degenerated by vessels too weak to handle the infinites ~ even after having HIM announced ATOMIC it was clearly evident our impressions were slightly moronic ~ but by that point your condition was way past the CHRONIC weight of the state of enlightenment hazily blurred to lack judgment brazenly slurred ~ your vision wondrously survives the slack ~ despite the interference throwing the prophet off track ~ your mind remains somehow miraculously intact ~ regardless ~
YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE constantly slips through the CRACK. 

THE MOTHERSHIP CONNECTION has long since been landed
RIGHT where intelligence intended it planted
In seeds growing knowledge fruition is granted
A mission that since has been sadly LEFT stranded

Humorous the comment made to me ~ that since I have been away from your drill not one prophesy have eye yet to ever fulfill ~ unto which for some time I hung my head in agreement as true ~ until recently I was told it was your impression ~
EYE am depressed to be ~ simply RIGHT where YOU LEFT ME ~ Hmmm ~
An interesting thought even if the source remains mysterious ~ grateful for itís awakening me to the present ~ but if that gift came from you ~ I hope you werenít serious ~
That recorded association got off to a quick start ~ however reluctant to be sucked in to the scenario did eye dart ~ although I wrote the songs you formed the bonds ~ but rumor has it that the fineness on your part was sincerely out of the kindness of your dick ~ than that was rather slick of me ~
I must admit ~ or must I? Why?
~ this letter is not to them ~ this is between YOU and EYE ~
thereís no need for dropping names up in this PEACE ~ although the commentary evident would be easily identifiable to the relevant deity by far ~ you know who YOU are ~ the constellation amongst the stars ~ set to glisten in the warning Kash well spent, but I would not listen ~ nor could I comprehend the importance of your supervision ~ an accompaniment my soul neglected to mention to my intent ~ and through the mind of childish prediction this vision went without purpose for what function it had been sent ~ for the principle it brings when angels finally grow their wings and begin to fly ~ it is in this state above the grounded that I now recognize ~ high above that sky ~ to you I speak with no deny ~ that through this CRACK in your situation the angles have found fracture in your foundations ~ will this grand deTOUR still witness clemency when you stand before Public Enemy? ~ both advocate similar message ~ but what the masses hear should emulate what they see ~ if such is not the case then Sir Nose is more than imagery ~ the FUNK will be faked beyond the years to be ~ Then Yes ~ I guess EYE do believe we do agree ~ there truly is a Kunspyruhzy

THE MOTHERSHIP CONNECTION has long since been landed
RIGHT where intelligence intended it planted
In seeds growing knowledge fruition is granted
A mission that since has been sadly LEFT stranded
Legend Hall of Fame Deities back up current pop-stars on TV
Yet I feared this day the bubble might bounce true
That not even getting busted could get through to you
I hear you giggle like itís funny ~ itís really not about the money
Swing Love Sweet Chariot ~ CRACK Ďem up RIGHT before they go deaf ~ ďGEEĒ ~
now not even the MOTHERSHIP can save YOU ~ so youíre ASS is going to get LEFT?
Naw ~ If YOU were MADE in THIS IMAGE Iíd call YOU by THAT name
But that shit you smoke makes YOU FORGET YOUíRE GOD while we pray to your remains
and on and on and on it keeps on ~ the shitís gotten old ~ but yo!

thus is not a list of grievances ~ no ~ I have not forgotten about you ~ all CHILDREN of PRODUCTION must eventually come through ~ yeah that means MEE too ~ YOU know how WEE do ~ even when we begin infantile ~ prophesy stills rings true ~ those grey-matter-day characters never grow old ~ remaining constant while their image stands bold ~ Funkateers fashioned the sensation through several decades of elation ~ but what point has the message if lost in conveyance while being told? ~ who needs to dance with the Devil for gold? ~ when the inspiration is platinum to all the Cosmic Slop viewers who wonder how such great persona could ever be sold to the highest bidder ~ as they watch it slowly wither onto the horizon ~ gangsterís glock-cocked replaces the Bop Gun ~ Hip-Hop is trip-pop just for fun ~ and we wonder why these kids today canít seem to hit it on the ONE ~ surviving from the precedence of chemical medicinal remedy ~ providing the courage for the FREAK-went-see ~ through therapeutic lack of repetition ~ long gone is the psychedelic experience that once held the position WEE have the capability to see beyond wars ~ before the required dose became business for leaving the masses comatose ~ breaking down the core of the oceanís shore, turning our Goddesses into crack whores ~ and after all this time that becomes the joke on the radio your interview boasts ~
some CRACKER JACK prize you found under a serial-lid ~ should not be the inspirational marmalade spread on our breakfast toast ~ silly habit ~ tricks arenít for treating ~ CRACKís not for kids ~
could YOU even hear yourself the moment YOU spoke?
If YOU right now were RIGHT where I LEFT YOU ~
then on those words I swear I would choke ~
If you can hear the childrenís chant ~ itís the past valuable lesson YOU wrote ~
Virtual is real ~ virtual universal appeal ~  as YOU know this your example we all feel
Why should any ounce gram bag or pipe in hand ever be truly greater than FAM?
What has been conquered, is up to YOU again
Despite what you will think of my audacity to spin
I say this not just for FAM, but because EYE still consider you a friend

Regardless of the toke that has burned up in smoke
The kingdom of heaven truly is within
Copyright - Elizabeth Anne 2005