Quit Your Dead  End Job
If you’re not happy where you’re working
And your time invested is not legit
Instead of constantly complaining about it
Why don’t you simply quit?

Are you afraid wherever you go
The situation remains unchanged?
Same drama, different location
You’re lucky you still have your name

Is it the way you’re always tired
That your energy has all been used
Or is it that you know you won’t truly be happy
Until you’re doing what YOU want to do?

Quit your dead end job
Whatever card you punch
The role you play is hard
You’ve got to make that money
Yet you never get ahead, why?
Because the consumer you have been taught to portray
Knows it needs to buy

Quit your dead end job
Does your employment rub
Like a corn cob?
Stop and ask yourself
Who are you truly working for
Don’t you dare look down on others
We’re all just masquerading whores
Quit your dead end job
What? Aw, now

Listen close, I’ll tell the story of
Bob from accounting
He’s holding fast and steady
But the pressure keeps mounting
Working hard for all the glory in
The company he’s employed with
Falsely empowered through the safety
Of his comfort-zone-cage
While the whole world’s a stage
Please speak of one’s performance, never one’s age

Just like the internet office jokes he reads
His daily routine conforms his reality
With a list of 15 phone numbers
To reach his family of three.
Spending the day chatting online
With strangers from across the sea
Yet he hasn’t spoken with his next-door neighbor
Since 2003, not to mention the family
Complains that his job is his life
His duties are children, his company the wife
Yet he stays productive for the title on the cover
Afraid he will realize his true position is bent-over.
And it’s so crazy blatant, all can see
(“But Yo, man, I aint one to gossip
So you aint heard that from me”)

Refer to the training manual
When you’re trying to get ahead
Because you have to complete what’s needed
When you lie in that bed

Quit your dead end job
Part of the food chain
The working class mob
Recognize the path you’re on
Before you’ve gone too far, this
Diligence is a just mask
To keep your opportunities lethargic

Quit your dead end job
The bullets you must dodge
Unknowingly a slob
You convinced yourself the role you play
Is designing what your wealth is
But there’s no motivation for your creations
When you’re constructing someone else’s
Quit your dead end job
What? Aw, now

Our suffering we remorse
While our efforts are the cause
We should be aware of attitudes WE endorse
Through the business our service lauds

There is a strong solution for the problem
That seldom ever receives depiction
Though a man much wiser than most
Once offered a perfect description
He said  - Take all that energy
That you put in someone else
And invest it in your own dreams
Apply it to yourself
And let THAT be your wealth

But very few of us heed the warning
Much less take the advice
So we wait for the winning lottery ticket
And think it must be nice
Because it’s actually much easier
To sit back and let others run the show
And despite how we complain about it
Unfortunately, this we know
We are all quite aware of the game
And most of us choose to be the toys
But you should either enjoy what you do
Or DO what you enjoy

Quit your dead end job
You made the choice to bow
But the time to act is now
The task became a chore
As if you’ll never be through with it
No longer smirking, it’s not working
‘Cause you’re so worn out from doing it

Quit your dead end job
It’s really not that hard
Hand in those cards
I’m thinking of handing out fliers
And writing it on a BILLBOARD if necessary
“This is my two week notice of resignation”
Are actually words in our vocabulary
Quit your dead end job
You heard me, come on now!

Map out a plan and set a goal
For what you want, then make it happen
You could take some time to research
The requirements and get to snapping
Labor hard on your own time
Towards what YOU want to achieve
Study, practice and pursue
The truths YOU KNOW YOU believe

That doesn’t mean you should not hold a job
Because everyone has got to pay the rent
It just means your employment should not keep you
From the quality time that should be spent
With your loved ones, the family
You struggle so hard to support
While you regret the precious moments
Your job forced you to abort
Invest in the family’s future, YOUR future
Beyond relying in 401 K
For when your days come to an end
Nothing will supplement the dreams you gave away

Quit your dead end job
It’s up to you to chose
You snooze, you lose
Awaken the desire
You have written in the ink-well
You might realize the potential
That YOU have is essential

Quit your dead end job
Stop living in denial
Drowning you desire
The wage is getting lower
While we continue our enslavement
The ditch is getting deeper
As we dig closer to the pavement

Quit your dead end job
You’re getting fucking robbed!
You heard me, Bob!
The price is getting higher
While they just continue selling it
My voice is getting louder
‘Cause I’m getting tired of telling it!
Quit your dead end job!

Did you hear that? I said -
Quit your dead end job!

Come on now, you’re with me –

If you quit your dead end job
The obstacles will be rough
Your efforts will often get cut
You’ll have to work even harder to survive
Taking on the struggles dealt
But as you make your dreams come true
You’ll realize it’s vital for your health

When you quit your dead end job
Society will treat you like a fool
In initial stages your interests won’t seem ‘cool’
But you won’t invite their pessimism
As you search for inner wealth
You’re not a hippie - they’re just tripping
‘Cause you’re doing for yourself

Now, Go - Quit – That – Dead – End – Job …

Copyright 2004 (Elizabeth Anne)
                2006 FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC (BMI)