Property and Malt Liquor
Property and Malt Liquor Production / Publishing Credits

Property and Malt Liquor
A Video by Elizabeth Anne
Produced by Solilla LLC and FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC

“Property and Malt Liquor” by The Solillaquists of Sound
From the 2006 Anti Records album “As If We Existed”
(2002/2005) 2006 Solilla Publishing, LLC (BMI)
A. Brooks / A. Sarton / G. Valencia Jr. / T. Combs


4 minutes 4 seconds
Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 by Elizabeth Anne

City Drinker: Robert Bruno

Property and Malt Liquor Original Footage

Neighborhood and Bar Footage Photography by Elizabeth Anne and Mike Noles
Orlando, FL: Downtown (2004) / Paramore, Washington Shores and Tangelo Park (2007)
City Drinker Footage Photography by Danny Bruno and Elizabeth Anne
Pine Hills, Orlando, FL

Property and Malt Liquor Image/Photo

TV Frame image and component diagram courtesy of
Early Television Foundation and Museum

Philadelphia, PA and Chicago, IL neighborhood photos:
National Archives and Records Administration
Bronx, NY photo: Dan Hagerman

Egypt Giza Sphinx photo: Wikimedia Commons
Pyramid Key by Terrance G. Nevin

John Lennon Memorial photo: Heather Cross
John Lennon Statue of Liberty photo: Bob Gruen

Colt 45 gun images - ColtAutos.com

Malt Liquor advertisement database from
online publication: A Story without Heroes:
The Cautionary Tale of Malt Liquor by Kihm Winship

Colt 45 and ST. Ides advertisements
Pabst Brewing Company
Olde English 800 and Shchlitz advertisements
Miller Brewing Company
Budweiser Malt Liquor advertisement
Anheuser-Busch Companies

6 ft. high Inflatable Piper Bottle: ArtOfAir.com
Drinking dog public domain internet image

Property and Malt Liquor Video Stock Footage

Neighborhood and Bar Footage
Downtown Orlando, FL (2004)
Orlando, FL (2007) Paramore, Pine Hills, Washington Shores and Tangelo Park
Photography by Elizabeth Anne

Alcohol and the Human Body (1949)
Documentary - effects of alcohol on the human body
Produced by Encyclopaedia Britannica Films
Anton J. Carlson, M.D., Ph.D. – Scientific Director

Public Domain Footage

Integration Report I (1960)
Documentary - civil rights movement in 1959 and 1960
Montgomery, Ala., Brooklyn, N.Y., Washington D.C. USA
Produced by Madeline Anderson for Andover Productions
Directed by Madeline Anderson
Public Domain Footage

The Plantation System in Southern Life (1950)
Documentary - plantation system and its effect on Southern U.S. culture  
Produced by Coronet Instructional Films for David A. Smart
Thomas Frank Barton, Ph.D. – Geography Professor Indiana University
Public Domain Footage

Henry Browne, Farmer (1942)
Documentary - World War II patriotic Black farmer
Produced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture
Directed by Roger Barlow
Public Domain Footage

Palmour Street (1957)
Documentary - Black Suburbia Values           
Gainesville, GA USA
Produced by the Southern Educational Film Production Service
Directed by Bill Clifford and George Stoney
Public Domain Footage

Teddy (1971)
Documentary - Black youth views on the System, war, revolution, Watts community of Los Angeles,
the Black Panther Party and the police       
  Los Angeles, CA USA
Produced by Peter Schnitzler, UCLA for the National Institute of Mental Health
Directed by Richard Wells for The Social Seminars Series
Photography by Robert Grant
Public Domain Footage