Lead By Example
Feature Length Video Documentary Screening
Directed by Elizabeth Anne

Production: Elizabeth Anne for Funkybuttmonkeemusic, INC
running time: 108 minutes / original format : MiniDV
If your surroundings do not contain aspects
that you want in your life, then create them.
Grow your own and make it happen.
You never know whose ATTENTION
might follow through your ACTION.

Spring of 2004, artists speak of inspiration
within their hometown, Orlando, FL, USA (Earth).
They discuss having made their dreams reality
within their lives, connecting with the community surrounding them, to lead by example.

But it's not about them, it's about you, because
leaders do not aspire to have followers,
they inspire to create other leaders.

Guidance and Determination to Support Motivation:
Direction Is A Sign - "Brother, can you Paradigm?"
Videotaped in April, May and June of 2004, with post-production
throughout June, July and August, the feature-length
LEAD BY EXAMPLE Project is a documentary of compiled segments,
showcasing inspiring individuals who make their art their life.