(preceded by a segment of "Just DO" for the 2009 video version)
The slogan was “Just Do It”
So you did it - So - Now what?
You’re waiting for the next command and now you’re stuck?
What if the command was “Just Do Is”
What would “is” suddenly mean?
Could it be something we’ve already seen?
And if so, could we manipulate it to make it new, fresh and so clean?
Might we freak at the notion that “is” needs nothing from we?

“Is” simply is, as it has been, and shall be again
Do not mistake words of men to encompass now such as when
We were told what to do, how to do, who to do, even, YOU too
Now what? Oooo!

Yo cat, KNOW that, you got the new scat
Reach within the hour your power produces too phat
You expect the holler to follow before you do that?
You Need to start the movement to tower - pick up the Boom-Bat

Yo cat, DO that, you got the new scat
Reach within the hour your power produces too phat
If You expect the holler to follow before you do that
You Need to start the movement to tower - pick up the Boom-Bat

Yo kids, click this, you got the new twist
Think of the access you possess to make the true list
Now has come the time to protest - You’re raising your fist?
Put the opposition to test, Come on, let’s do this!

Traveling Missionaries landed quick 
The plan was slick, convert the Indigenous 
Exchanged assets, property 
For awareness of another Religion 

We swear our faith in God We Trust 
Was that a trick? I found myself describing how  
It made me sick  
Inspired by some independent short-film flick.
This click I saw on TriggerStreet. com
It was a story ‘bout a book
That became so mistook
Mislead with a HOOK

Industry missionaries took the ‘hood’   
They had the goods, the people had the music,
Once the barter for the prize was done,
Industry held the song, the people held a new lick
Toxic Apple Pie, Media design     
Works quite thick, to lower the IQ’s of   
American public, the joke that we slacked,   
Became fact, crossed over but could never quite  
get black …  We’re being programmed to believe
We must entertain the masses in order for us to achieve
Promote the enemy as friend and family as enemy
So that  the former from the later none can distinguish between

Yeah, you’re a real big crook,
But your brain is being cooked
Because you know they got you slated to be HOOKED

Blurred from original position
Reality of condition
Plot to control our inner vision
Starting Worldwide
(While you pay no particular – they style curriculum)

Mainstream media’s Hip Hopnotized
So many lies, it’s hard to recognize The Truth
Even when it, stares us right
In the eyes, and such is now the current state,
Of youth. …. We’re being programmed to refuse
Any form of entertainment that does not promote abuse
If you recollect right, others sound like dirt
but still believe, what they don’t, really know won't hurt
… … … Because oppression claims it’s prize
From those who suffer from it while waiting for it’s demise
Despite how you’ve been tricked, your mind must see beyond your eyes
Because real evolutions are not the ones being televised.

We surf channels streaming gook
With every time we look
We know they’ve got us bated with the HOOK
(you know they've got us listening to it)

And now it’s only growing worse
Spreading like a curse
Getting to the young minds first
Starting worldwide
They’ve spread it worldwide
(As we sacrifice intelligence – forego our common sense) 

Reaching worldwide
It’s already Worldwide
(While we part with our wisdom – and buy their curriculum) 

Worldwide hustlers get that dough
work that tip, then get rid of evidence
What they’ve programmed, we must now
deprogram, reprogram the relevant

Regain Prophesy from Gangstah mentality, 
And Recognize,
No systematic terror stays reality,
The Dark Sun Riders will bring it’s demise
Think it wont be so,
We shall see…
Better start acknowledging your choice
Believe you have the power, make difference with your voice
Oppressors or oppressed, who will have the final boast
The ones to be triumphant will be those who want it the most!

Now that you know that you’ve been took
Standing there looking shook
Why you still waiting for that HOOK?
The message now is growing ever so much deeper
Becoming Conscious that we truly are our Brother’s Keepers
Before they take the universe
With power to converse
We can spread our mission first
Starting Worldwide   
We’ll take it worldwide
(We must become particular – protest the wicked lure)

We’ll start it worldwide
Let’s take it worldwide

Do not feel weak from inner grief
Because society does wreak In such decay (Worldwide)

Do not let them make you think
Your soul solution is to drink your cares away (Worldwide)

Do not follow with hard blow
That unless you go with the flow you cannot stay (Worldwide)

Do not fear the iron hand
Controlling our public demand must make you pay (Worldwide)

Do not give in to the belief
No one will hear the words you speak when you will say (Worldwide)

Do not allow deceit to worsen
That your life’s sole given purpose Is to live this way (Worldwide)

For when the message is sincere
Many will remember it clear A as if today

And tomorrow will prevail
As the truth that you will tell stops his-store-ry

Discover love beyond resistance
Reaffirm - Your Existence - Do not hide 

Before they take The Universe
Let’s go spread The Mission first
Startin’ Worldwide
Let’s take it worldwide
(Make awareness particular – Culture Curriculum) 

Worldwide,    You heard me
(Accurate vernacular we’ll build spectacular)

What Is, Has Been,
And Shall Be Again
Then make NOW
Lead By Example,
Become One - First
Today, The World
Tomorrow, The Universe

Copyright 2004 (Elizabeth Anne) FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC (BMI)